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24hr emergency sewer/drainage and vacuum tanker services.


We at Higgins plant look after all the plant requirements for all Higgins Group of companies. Such is our work load that we have to arrange pump outs of manholes, CCTV drain surveying, Drain re-lining, High pressure water jetting & vacuum tanker services.

We have been dealing with Abbey drains Ltd for approximately 2 years now and we find Abbey Drains fully committed and always achieve the highest standards. They will always work with our site agents to produce the best solution possible, this also results in the most cost effective use of materials and energy.

The feed back we get from them is very positive.

There are many suppliers to choose from in this market and we at Higgins Construction strongly believe we have found the best and we will continue to grow and develop what is a great partnership from a company that still believes in providing a top class service.

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We at Amanda Roberts have a large portfolio and need companies that we can rely on to carry out works on our properties in a prompt and efficient manner with positive results.

We have found Abbey Drains to be all of the above and more.
They attend the call on the day and give an immediate response to what has to be done and the full costing.

We would highly recommend Abbey Drains to anyone wishing to take on a company for the services they supply.

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Dear Sir/Madam

I have recently had to have some investigative repairs carried out to my external water pipes. Although the initial process of getting an appointment was quite lengthy in terms of waiting for an appointment, I have to say that I was very impressed with the contractors that came out to carry out the works.

Abbey Drains kept in contact with me, arrived when they said they would, carried out the works quietly and professionally (i.e. found the leak with the least amount of disruption to the front of the house), adhered to health and Safety (i.e. ensured that the area left open was cordoned off with cones and red and white tape) and completed the works leaving no sign of disruption etc.

It was so nice to deal with a company that were not only good on the phone but excellent in carrying out their task to a very good standard. As such, I thought this should be noted and commended as, let’s face it, it is rare nowadays!!

Again, greatly appreciated.

Yours with thanks

Gina Kleanthous


Dear Mike,

My name is Judy from Devon Close. Recently you sent 2 workmen from Abbey Drains to do some pipe work in my garden to fix the water problem I’ve been having.

I just wanted to let you know that the two workman Dermot Palmer and his partner Morgan Winston that came to carry out this work were very professional indeed. Dermont was very informative letting me know exactly what was happening and why he was doing what he was doing. You can tell that he CARED about his work and showed respect and thoughtfulness towards me and my mother. When they came back they put my garden back in order and left the place very clean and tidy. I was so impressed and wanted you to know that.

Workmen like these are very hard to find nowadays and with all the problems I’ve been having with my property lately (it’s a long story) and dealing with unprofessional and unreliable people, this experience has restored my faith that there are still some workmen out there who take pride in their work and care about the tenants that they meet!

Kind regards,

Judy Mattis


Hi Steve

I would like to thank you wholeheartedly for the excellent service provided by your engineers today. They were professional and courteous, and isolated and resolved the problem very quickly. They even made a special effort to clean up mess that was not their own making!

Hope this is useful!



Unfortunately, in December 2011, my elderly next-door neighbour discovered a damp problem in the partition wall joining our properties which ultimately resulted in the plaster blowing on both his side of the wall and ours. The problem was of such magnitude that every time he decorated his side of the wall – connecting his hallway to our kitchen – the paper fell off after a few weeks, leaving an unsightly damp patch and odour. His wife already suffers on account of ill health and this was adding an additional burden to their load.

My neighbour and I had attempted to diagnose the source of the problem on a number of previous occasions. Initially, we thought the cause might be a leaking washing machine outflow pipe; however, upon further examination, this was ruled out. During the course of our investigations, we discovered that the concrete collar around the base of the soil pipe in my kitchen looked somewhat discoloured and that it was cracked. We also noticed that there was a hole in my kitchen floor behind the fitted cabinets containing the gas pipe, and that this hole was filled to the brim with water.

My neighbour contacted the council requesting assistance at which point they sent out the first of four surveyors to inspect both properties. After approximately a fifteen minute inspection, the surveyor promptly left, unable to diagnose the source of the problem. My neighbour then contacted a friend who was a qualified surveyor to see if he could determine the cause of the damp. In his opinion, it might have been due to leakage into the cavity of the partition wall from either my upstairs bathroom or the property above my own. My neighbour contacted the council requesting another surveyor to be sent out to examine both properties. This took place in the summer of this year. The surveyor was very thorough and, upon our request, examined the water tanks and bath and sink plumbing in my property after inspecting the hallway radiator of my neighbour. He concluded that the problem was not traceable to either of these sources, and left the property recommending that the council carry out a further inspection. This did not happen.

My neighbour then contacted the council a third time requesting further assistance at which point another surveyor was despatched. He similarly was unable to diagnose the source of the problem but recommended that the pressure of the mains water supply coming into my property and the one above be checked in case a pipe had burst underground thereby causing the damp. This did not happen.

After waiting a few weeks, my neighbour decided to lodge an official complaint with the council on account of their incompetence in dealing with this matter. Before doing so, he made one final attempt at approaching the council at which point they contacted Thames Water to carry out a mains water supply pressure test. Unfortunately, they were unable to gain access to the pipes and so this did not happen. The following day, Alan Richards of Abbey Drains arrived at my property with instructions from the council to also carry out a mains water supply pressure test; he too was unable to gain access and informed me that it might be that excavation of the site in front of my property would be necessary in order to gain access to the pipe. He then left, informing me that he would be contacting the council in this regard. I passed on this information to my neighbour.

After hearing nothing from the council for another two weeks, my neighbour decided to contact the council through the last of the surveyors that had been sent out to visit both our properties. This resulted in the council despatching a plumber who turned up at my property having being misinformed that there was a leak at the back of my flat that required fixing. After setting him right about the facts of the situation, he promptly left and my neighbour then received a phone call from the surveyor informing him that representatives of Abbey Drains would be visiting our property in a couple of days.

When Alan Richards and another employee of Abbey Drains arrived, I moved the washing machine to expose the soil pipe and hole containing the gas pipe that was filled with water. Having inspected both, Mr Richards asked me to flush the upstairs toilet a couple of times which I did. He concluded from movement of the soil pipe and concrete collar, as well as from the constitution of the water in the hole (which contained sewage), that the soil pipe was leaking and that part of it needed replacing, along with the concrete collar. This diagnosis, which subsequently proved correct, took five minutes. Mr Richards took some photos of the pipe and hole, and then informed my neighbour and I that he would be faxing them to the council so that approval could be granted to effect remedial works immediately.

Within a week, two employees of Abbey Drains and another two employees from a partner company turned up at our flat to carry out the works. A section of the soil pipe was cut, replaced with a new section, the concrete collar was replaced and four gallons of sewage water was drained from the whole in the kitchen floor containing the gas pipe. All of this work was carried out within the space of about six hours, during which time all parties performed their tasks in a professional manner. I was very impressed with the courteous approach of all workers and the tidy state that they left the kitchen in following completion of the work. (A number of dust sheets were laid down prior to commencing work, thereby ensuring that no dirt was brought into my flat as a result of the workers and their equipment entering and exiting the property.)

As the workers were about to leave, I mentioned to them that I was very satisfied with the services provided by Abbey Drains, both in terms of the quick diagnosis of the problem and its prompt resolution, which was achieved with a minimum of disruption to my property.

I should therefore like to take this opportunity to thank the employees of Abbey Drains for their work and have no hesitation in recommending their services to others.


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