Basement Flood Clean up

Ground water flooding and home floods are unfortunately more common than you may think – and if your home or premises has a basement floor in regular use, you will likely need to protect yourself and your building from risk of flooding.  You’ll also need to know exactly what to do when it comes to dealing with the worst case scenario – when a flood actively occurs.

Abbey Drains are not only experts in supporting drainage and plumbing issues for homes and businesses throughout our area – we’re also here to help clean up after basement flooding and to ensure that you are well prepared in the event of such and unwanted occurrence in future.  Basement waterproofing London and elsewhere is recommended, where possible – but in the event of a large scale flood in your basement, you are going to need access to extensive pump services to restrict damage as quickly as possible.

Abbey Drains will work with you not only to pump out unwanted floodwater from your basement but also to clean up any damage or disrepair which may have occurred – if your home drainage is causing water levels to rise regularly on your basement level, our team are also in a prime position to survey and remedy and faults which may be letting levels rise.  Our top quality tools and focus on care will ensure that we never leave a property without a firm fix in place – why worry about handling floodwater yourself when our team can be with you at short notice?

Our 24/7 emergency callout service is available to ensure that basement flooding in London is remedied as soon as possible – take down our number and call us the minute you see water rising.  Floods, in your basement or elsewhere, can be devastating – even at just a few inches high.  Take action!