Confined Space Entry

Some drainage issues, whether at home, at work or as part of a public service, require a specific level of care and attention. Some plumbing and drainage problems can only ever be resolved through accesses confined spaces – and as it is never recommended that you attempt to fix drainage issues yourself through confined space entry, Abbey Drains are always here to undertake the tightest of squeezes to ensure that drainage remedies can easily be found.

Through manholes, tunnels, tankers, pits, sewer systems, vats, ducts, trenches and into septic tanks, cesspits and more besides, our team have both the necessary expertise and training to ensure that drainage issues tucked away in tight or confined spaces are handled with efficiency and professionalism. These spaces can be extremely hazardous to enter without the right care, attention and training – meaning that you can rest assured our experts will be able to investigate and survey difficult spaces and holds without hassle.

Confined space entry London and elsewhere is essential when it comes to certain drainage maintenance and fault resolution projects – certain issues can only be resolved by getting up close and personal, by effectively climbing into the drainage systems themselves in an effort to remedy problems. These are issues which we never advise you to undertake yourself – in the interest of health and safety – your own, as much as anyone else’s – we insist you call our team today if you are experiencing drainage problems which require entry into or through a particularly confined space.

Confined space entry is just one of many services Abbey Drains specialise in – do take a closer look at our other specialisms or call us today on 01992 892772 
if you have any specific concerns which you would like to raise with our experts before we get started.