Dye test and S.O.N.D.E Tracing

When it comes to investigating drains and pipelines for various problems and issues, only the best products and services will do. Here at Abbey Drains, we offer both drain dye testing and SONDE tracing London firms and households depend upon to help source out various drain problems.

Drain dye testing, or tracing, uses a simple dye which can be added to water – this is then poured into drainage to travel through and to help us identify areas in which leakage may be occurring. This is a safe, widely-used method of drainage investigation London and beyond – it is particularly useful for larger drainage systems as it accurately pinpoints where a supposed leak is occurring, though dye testing can also be very useful in household systems where more traditional fault-finding has proven fruitless.

SONDE tracing is a newer form of drainage investigation and this process involves the use of a transmitter (a SONDE – a thin piece of plastic and metal) – which is deployed down a pipeline and which can be tracked either via sonar or CCTV. This type of investigation is particular useful for problems where the exact cause of difficulty remains unclear – SONDE deployment allows us to take a closer look through drainage nooks and crannies we may not otherwise be able to gain easy access to.

Both dye testing and SONDE tracing can be used across household and commercial drainage fault-finding, meaning that we’re always happy to provide either, or both, for a wide range of problems and fact-finding projects. There’s only so much you can do when it comes to trying to find drainage faults with the naked eye – dye testing makes leaks easier to spot, and SONDE tracing allows us to get inside information – literally – on what may be causing internal drainage issues.