Insurance work

Many homes and commercial insurance carriers and policies allow for drain insurance cover London and beyond, meaning that if you are experiencing problems with blocked drainage and it is as a result of accidental damage or otherwise beyond your control, the team at Abbey Drains will be happy to handle your claim for you.

Always make sure that you check that your home or commercial insurance policy covers you for drainage claims before you contact us – if you’re covered, simply contact our team and supply us with authority to attend to any insurance work you’d like us to complete for you.  We will then be able to complete a thorough survey of the problem at stake and will provide both you and your insurance carrier with a quote for work to be completed.

Regardless of what problems you may be facing with regard to your drainage and plumbing, once you and your carrier have agreed upon our quote and once you have paid any excess fees required, we will start work to ensure that all repairs are completed within timescales agreed.  Abbey Drains will be paid by your insurance carrier, meaning that there’s never any need for you to liaise backward and forwards.

London insurance work on drains and plumbing is always available from our top team – if you’re experiencing drainage issues beyond your fault or control, we’ll always be more than happy to take a closer look and to handle any claims you may wish to initiate.  All we ever need is your authority – this is a regulatory matter – and we will then able to ensure that work is not only completed to the highest possible standard, but also that your insurance carrier is kept in the loop and that all parties are satisfied with our solutions.